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Firma de recrutare din UK recruteaza soferi de taxi, 20-25000+Lire/an

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10,000+ EU citizens sent to the UK, Germany & Ireland since May, 2004, we are the UNRIVALLED leaders in the field of taxi/bus driver recruitment. We still exist after 12 years because we do things properly, both the applicant and the client are important to us.
WE CHARGE YOU NOTHING, NIL, NADA, fara taxe, fara comision (no tax, no commission)! Also, we give you a choice of destinations nationwide, we are not a taxi company recruiting for a single operator. 100's of taxi, chauffeur and bus driver jobs across the UK with accommodation, cars, council fees, flights and transfers arranged for you in advance!
A safe driving method, good customer care and a positive mental attitude is far more important! Driving a taxi in the UK is nothing like driving a taxi in eastern Europe, it is a safe, a well respected occupation and financially rewarding (L400/500 a week CLEAR profit). Drivers are uniformed chauffeurs in mostly new, luxury saloon cars, typically Mercedes C class, Ford Mondeo, VW Passat, Vauxhall Insignia or for those 'green' companies, the not necessarily luxury, but super-economical Toyota Prius.
EVERY taxi driver in the UK is self-employed and those clearing up to L500 a week should pay L0 tax and L3.30 a week national insurance. Workers in employed positions earning the same amount would pay 28% tax and 12% national insurance - taking home L200 a week less! You would still have the security of 12 month contracts (renewable annually) and your national insurance contributions give you and your family full, free, health cover and entitle you to a UK pension on retirement.
Applications from female drivers are particularly welcome.
You MUST speak and understand English. You must be 25 or older (for insurance purposes), 18-24 year olds CANNOT apply unless you have sufficient funds to pay your own vehicle insurance. NO criminal convictions EVER, NO driving convictions/speeding tickets at all in the last three years. If you arrive in the UK with driving convictions on your driving conviction report (Cazier Auto) YOU WILL be turned away on day one and will have to make your own way home at your own expense. Drink driving offences EVER automatically disqualify you.
WE ARE NOT A TAXI COMPANY recruiting for a single company. We are the option of choice for the majority of the UK taxi industry to provide them with quality candidates where they are unable to source them themselves.
With the Brexit referendum resulting in a LEAVE decision, up to 500,000 EU jobseekers are now expected to enter the UK before the doors are closed. This should take around two years minimum from the date the government announces it (still unannounced).
What do applicants need to learn?
Some destinations have no knowledge tests, most have only lists of venues (bars, restaurants, hotels) the addresses of which have to be learnt.
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