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Monoclu MINOX MD 7x42 C submersibil cu compass magnetic analog

90 EUR
Valabil din 16.10.2016 17:53:43

Monoclul MD7x42 C facut de cei de la Minox, are o carcasa waterproof si un compas magnetic analog integrat pentru o acuratete ridicata. Carcasa etansa ii confera dispozitivului o functionalitate perfecta chiar si sub 0 grade !

The black 7x42 MD C Monocular from Minox combines a weatherproof housing and an analog magnetic compass to create an ideal handheld optic for a wide-range of activities, whether you're on the trail or at sea. An inverted-T crosshair reticle features mil hash marks on the longitudinal and latitudinal axes, providing the observer with a tool for estimating the distance to, and size of, objects. A built-in analog compass displays the directional reading in degrees at the bottom of the field of view. A water-sealed and armored housing, subzero temperature tolerance, and fold-down eyecup equip the black 7x42 MD C with the features required for a durable and dependable monocular.

Prism Type Roof
Magnification 7x
Objective Lens Diameter 42 mm
Angle of View 6.5°

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