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Espressor 2 pompe 15bar Severin S2 One Touch expressor automat rasnita, cappucino, late macchiato

750 RON
Valabil din 15.05.2017 10:44:23


Folosit in jur de 6 luni

Functioneaza perfect, si arata excelent.

Functioneaza atat cu cafea boabe cat si cu cafea macinata.

Echipat cu 2 pompe de 15 bari si 2 incalzitoare de apa.

Severin Fully Automatic Coffee Machine S2 One Touch - Matt-Black


- Output pumps, max. 15 bar pressure

- Capacity & Content volume water tank: 1.5 l

- One Touch Technology

- Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, White coffee at the press of one button

- without moving the cup

- Unique Hygiene System

- Patented, removable brewing unit (volume 6 - 10 g)

- Removable and dishwasher safe coffee-milk spout

- Automatic programmes for cleaning, rinsing and descaling

- Milk system rinsing programme

- Intuitive Operation

- Intuitive operation thanks to rotary switch E-Select

- Multilingual High-Contrast Full Graphic Display: 11 languages with dynamic icons - Coffee strength and volume adjustable: 3 steps & My coffee Function - Individual settings and programming options

- Grinder with high-grade ceramic grinding disks and 5 adjustable grinding degrees - Height adjustable coffee-milk spout: 80 135 mm

- Individually adjustable switch-off time

- Adjustable water hardness for optimal adaption of water filter

- German design and engineering

- 2 High efficiency pumps, max. 15 bar pressure

- 2 High efficiency heaters

- Volume bean container: 140 g with optical indication

- Volume water tank: 1.5 l

- Volume coffee dregs container: 12 portions

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