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Amplificator Strato 9009+tuner Strator 7090 Vu metre cu ace

400 RON
Valabil din 03.04.2020 16:42:45
Descriere Electronice

Amplificator Strato 9009+tuner Strator 7090
Vu metre cu ace
Sunet deosebit
110w /4Ohm
Suna foare bine,
Intrari amplificator 2 Phoni, tuner si doua deck
Full DIN
12 Kg

Old-school amplifier ....
trusted full of din.
Transonic Intermarket Strato A-9009
With separable pre-amplifier.
2 phono inputs, tuner, 2 tape and 2 spare ...
2 pairs of speakers can be fired ... wonderful
Well, it's at least something.
So guess the 2 x 60 watts
Was distributed by Transonic Intermarket in the 70's.
Checked and everything goes and everything turns.
A lever / knob is not original
Almost 11 kg of live weight

43 x 14 x 35 cm

Technische Daten:

80/115 Watt Sinus/Musikleistung pro Kanal nach DIN an 4 Ohm

Höhenreglerbereich (15 kHz) +11/-12 dB

Tiefenreglerbereich (50 Hz) +11,5/-12 dB

Rauschfiltereinsatz (-3 dB) Steilheit (erste Oktave)bei 15 kHz -12 dB

Rumpelfiltereinsatz (-3 dB) Steilheit (erste Oktave) bei 50 Hz -10 dB

Eingangsempfindlichkeiten Phono 2,5 mV

alle Hochpegeleingänge 130 mV

Mikrofon 2,5 mV

Fremdspannungsabstände 2 x 50 mW Phono 54 dB
Vollaussteuerung Phono 70 dB
Hochpegel 81 dB
Lautsprecherimpedanzbereich (Ohm) 4-16 Ohm
Baujahr 1978
NP: 978 DM

Estetic super OK dor tunerul are lipsa un buton de la Mute

Company Transonic-Strato produced music equipment under the logo of Nikko and repeatedly reaffirmed that can create successful designs of amplifiers. Very solidly constructed with a thick aluminum front, aluminum knobs, switches with aluminum caps. In the middle of a large transformer, two powerful filter capacitors with a capacity of 10 000 uF each, the power amplifier in the form of large power transistors Japanese company Hitachi. Rated power, which has a 2 x 150 watts RMS. This power allows you to connect and control, drive even much more powerful set of speakers with an impedance of 4-16 ohms. It has a good phono stage with two separate entrances, depending on the type of inserts, and standard input Tuner, AUX 1, AUX-2, Tape 1, Tape-2.

Specifications: Rated Output Power: 2 x 150 W Connection 4 columns aluminum front panel, aluminum knobs 7 DIN audio input Built-in very good phono stage with two separate entrances depending on the type of MM and MC insert additional microphone input with mixing Special input / output RCA combined jumpers for patching the audio track of sound equalizer. Adjusting the bass and treble tones Loudness boost function, Filter lowest and highest frequencies are especially useful when listening to vinyl records headphone output good technical condition, playing on all channels, lines of LEDs in the amplifier and tuner deck and flawless shine, potentiometers and switches operate

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