Amplificator Akai - AM-27

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Amplificator Akai - AM-27 [AmplMixer]

Amplificator adus recent din Germania .

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Stereo 2 x 65 Watt
2 speaker outputs (A / B) Switching
Headphone jack on jack 6.3 mm
Inputs: Phono, CD, Aux, Tuner, Tape in / out, the processor in / out switch for stereo / mono and loudness.
Power to alternating current (AC) / 230 Volt
Output power 130 W
Size in cm:
Width: 42.5
Height: 13.5
Depth: 27

Country: Japan
Manufacturer Brand: - Akai, Tokyo
Year: 1980 Net weight - 6.4 kg / 14 lb 1.6 oz (14.097 lb)

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