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UPS Eaton 9130 , 1000VA , rackmount , nou in cutie

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UPS Eaton PW9130i1000R-XL2U, 1000VA

Cod produs : 103006455-6591

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Online dubla conversie, Rackmount, 6 x IEC OUTPUTS, Management USB, RS232

Putere (VA): 1000
Montabile in rack: Da
Intrari: Breaker Ratings 10A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Frequency Range 45?65 Hz
Input Cord Schuko 10A to IEC 320-10A
Input Voltage Range 180-276 Vac (with load PF of 0.7)
Nominal Current 4.3A 230V
Nominal Voltage 220-240 V
Connection C14
Iesiri: Frequency Regulation +/-3% Hz online
Load Crest Factor 3 to 1
On Battery Voltage Regulation +/-3% of nominal
On Utility Voltage Regulation +/-3% of nominal
Power Factor 0.9
Output Receptacles (6) C13
Conectori iesire:
Communication Ports RS-232 and USB HID port as standard

Baterie: Battery Replacement Hot-swappable internal batteries
Battery Type Replaceable maintenance free sealed lead acid
Start On Battery Allows start of UPS without utility input
Battery Description VRLA 12V/9 Ah (internal and External)
Backup time: Full Load Runtime (in mins) 10
Half Load Runtime (in mins) 22
Audible Noise 44 dB
Diagnostics Full system self-test
Efficiency 94% in high-efficiency mode; 90% in online mode
Heat Dissipation (BTU) Line: 500, Bat: 674
Operating Temperature 0 grade C to +40 grade C
UPS Bypass Automatic bypass
Topology Online, double-conversion
Culoare: Black
Alarma: Common alarm standard
Indicatori: LEDs Four status-indicating LEDs
Graphical LCD with blue backlight and text in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish
Dimensiuni (W x D x H mm): 86.5 x 438 x 450 mm

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