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Intrerupator cu telecomanda

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1. Each group can bear the 1000W incandescent light bulb and 300W energy saving lamp. 
2. Working Voltage: AC180V-240V50Hz/60Hz 
3. Remote Control Battery: 12V 23A battery (Battery is not include) 
4. Remote Control Distance: 30m 
5. Load Power: 1 
6. Resistive Load: The largest output power of single group within 3000W.(Like  incandescent light or light bulb, etc.) 

Three Way Remote Control Switch: 
1. A/1 will light after power on. 
2. A/1 uses to turn on /off the blue group, B/2 uses to turn on /off the white group, C/2 uses to turn on /off the yellow group, "ON"/"OFF" means turn on/off the whole item. 
3. Manual lighting sequence (wall switch control): A/1 , B/2 , C/3 , the whole circuit will be turned on. 

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