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7 Bicicleta Kynast E-Bike secand-hand,Germania. R 26

750 RON
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Bicicleta KYNAST E-BIKE,electrica,cadru de 48,viteze 5 in butuc,roti pe 26,baterie buna,a fost incarcata,bicicleta nu are incarcator,pret noua 1500€.
Comfortable, efficient and sturdy Pedelec for every day use.

Rating 2001: Satisfactory.
Price: app. € 1,500

Kynast, the 1999 German market leader with its pedelec called “E-Bike?after a break due to financial reasons, is back on the market. At Eurobike 2001, Kynast showcased a large assortment of new models. More tests will follow.

The Kynast E-Bike Luxus is still one of the most comfortable pedelecs to ride. For this battery size and capacity, a high range is achieved through good ergonomic elements and an efficient Sram 5 Speed hub gear system. However, a suspension system and NiMh battery are recommended.

+ Special handle makes it easy to carry short distances.
+ Robust Sram 5 Speed hub gear system.

- NiMh battery is still not available.

Weight: Total 63.9 lbs

Rest Results:
Mixed Track:
Range: 15.4 miles
Average Speed with Motor: 11.6 mph
Top Speed: 14.6 mph
Hill Test (8% / 12%):
Average Speed: 8 / 6.7 mph

Battery: removable and lockable
Battery Box Weight: 8 lbs
Battery Capacity: 120 Wh (provided by manufacturer)
Battery Type: Nickel-Cadmium
Replacement Battery: no information
Charger: not integrated in battery
Charge Time: 04:00 (hr:min)

Accessories / Components:
Good bicycle components, Sram 5 Speed hub gear system with drum brake and Shimano Cantilever front brakes, U-Lock, Dynamo Light, pump included, good owners manual, garantee, no information on available frame sizes.

Other Models:
Kynast, 1999 market leader for Pedelecs in Germany will offer a wide selection of pedelecs to be introduced in the 2002 season.

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