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Deck SONY TC-K661s , 3 Capate , Dolby B,C,S

480 RON
Valabil din 16.10.2016 08:37:23

Technical specifications Deck SONY TC-K661s , 3 Capate 3 Motoare , Dolby B,C,S Dolby B / C / S and Dolby HX Pro 3 motors 3 Super Density sound heads Cassette stabilizer Real-time tape counter Rec-level and bias calibration Multi AMS title search Headphone output Headstock: SD Motorized cassette compartment Ceramic cartridge holder 16 Display segments Test tone generators Timer function: Autoplay Automatic monitor switching Coefficient fluctuations: + 0.12% Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz (Type IV); 20-18000 Hz (Type II) Dimensions W x H x D: 43 x 12.3 x 31 cm Weight: 4.5 kg

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